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List of Comedy Shows on Nepali Channels


Nepali channels provide various forms of entertainment to their audience. Among those, Comedy shows are very much popular from the urban life to the rural areas.

Most of the comedy shows of Nepal have the content of political satires and sarcasm and also aware the citizen with the current context of the society.

Here are the lists of some comedy shows that are aired on Nepali channels and their show timing.

  • Brake fail on Nepal TV (8:50 NST Monday)
  • Bhadragol on Nepal TV (8:50 NST Friday)
  • Meri Bassai on Nepal TV (8:45 NST Tuesday)
  • Jire Khursani on Nepal TV ( 8:50 NST Wednesday)
  • Harke Haldar on Kantipur TV (7: 00 NST Wednesday)
  • Golmaal on Kantipur TV (7:00 NST Thursday)
  • Ditha Sab on Kantipur TV (7:00 NST Saturday)
  • Risaani Maaf on Kantipur TV (7:00 NST Tuesday)
  • Twakka Tukka on Kantipur TV (7:00 NST Friday)
  • Ulto Sulto on Image Channel (8:00 NST Wednesday)
  • Kya Jamana Aa on  AP1 HD(Wednesday)
  • 10 to 5 on AP1 HD (Sunday)


Featured Image Credit: Bhadragol/youtube


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