Miss Nepal & their presence in Instagram

Miss Nepal contest started in 1994 with Ruby Rana being crowned as the winner. Since then, Nepal has got 23 beautiful and talented Miss Nepal already.

With the evolution of technology, mobile phones and the use of social media, these celebrities are not far behind.

Today, we are showcasing our Miss Nepal and their Instagram account that you may not know about yet.

Instagram has managed to be a popular social media platform with more than 500 million active users and our Miss Nepal are also obsessed with it.

All the Miss Nepal from the year 2000 seems to be active in this media with thousands of followers.

From the first Miss Nepal till present, most of them are using the social media app. There are few of them who are still missing in today’s list. Former Miss Nepal Sumi Khadka, Poonam Ghimire and Nilima Gurung are among them.

Here is the list of Miss Nepal and their Instagram accounts you may follow.

Ruby Rana (1994)

A post shared by Ruby Rana (@riturana478) on

Jharana Bajracharya(1997)

Sweta Singh (1999)

Usha Khagdi (2000)

A post shared by Usha Khadgi (@usha_khadgi) on

Malvika Subba(2002)

My color free holi with my love. #rio #nepaliketa

A post shared by Malvika Subba (@malvikasubbaofficial) on

Priti Sitoula (2003)

Pokhara memories ❤️

A post shared by Priti Sitoula Rajbanshi (@psitoula) on

Payal Shakya (2004)

Sugarika K.C (2005)

Partner in crime <3

A post shared by Sugarika Sanat KC (@sugarikasanat) on

Sitashma Chand (2007)

Zenisha Moktan (2009)

Me and Mine 💛💖 . #DkshZaanDia #Favourites #Maya

A post shared by Zenisha Moktan Malhotra (@zenisha.m) on

Sadichhha Shrestha (2010)

Wear your happiness❤️

A post shared by Sadichha Shrestha (@sadichhashr) on

Malina Joshi (2011)

Shristi Shrestha (2012)

🙏Happy Shivaratri 🤓 Photo: @prabeshpiya

A post shared by Shristi Shrestha (@shristishrestha) on

Ishani Shrestha (2013)

Subin Limbu (2014)

Evana Manandhar (2015)

Great Thai food. Exploring Bali. #praevadiariesbali 💓

A post shared by Evana Manandhar 🌺 Official (@evana_missnepalworld2015) on

Asmi Shrestha (2016)

A post shared by Asmi Shrestha (@iam.asmi) on

Nikita Chandak (2017)

Everytime I see my mother, I just feel that being a Mother is the most difficult role as a woman. The way she nurtures us.. the way she looks after us even if she isn't well.. the way she unconditionally loves us.. the way she is always by our sides, no matter what.. the way she believes in us and in our dreams more than we ourselves do. I literally donot understand how does she do all of that. I donot understand how she carries so much of purity towards her children. And to be honest, the thought of me being a mother someday, scares me because the example I have in my life, my mother is so beautiful and so perfect a Mother. I feel scared if I could be one like her or not. But you know what, every woman as a mother carries the same aura, the same purity. Every woman as a mother is perfect for her children. On this International Women's Day, I wish to congratulate each beautiful mothers out there for being one. ⭐

A post shared by Nikita Chandak✨ (@chandak_nikita) on

Shrinkhala Khatiwada (2018)

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